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Planning a Burlesque Party in Wellington

Originating from an elaborate form of comedy theatre, Burlesque is a fun, feathery and highly satirical sort of performance. Perfect for parties where ice should be broken, toes should be tapping and raucous laughter should be shared by all. The vibrant colours, bougie costumes and elaborate sets associated with this art form have led to […]

Two ways live music could save your wedding day

In case of an emergency  Drama in any amount is practically guaranteed at a wedding. Be it a late bride, a wardrobe malfunction mere moments before the walk down the aisle, an unexpected interlude between vows and sermons or all of the above, live performers have got you covered. Literally. Chaos can ensue, but while […]

Live Music: Is it Right For Your Event?

You don’t have to be passionate about music or be any sort of ‘music snob’ to appreciate the experience of a live performance. Live music goes beyond the realms of simple tunes that toes can tap to. With the exciting activity of captivating talent taking place on stage, you’ll see a docile audience transform into […]

Christmas is around the corner: time to start planning!

Any seasoned party planner will tell you that it’s never too early start working on your Christmas party arrangements. December has a habit of creeping up on you. While the office ties up loads of loose ends during October and November, you’ll be rushed off your feet and might find yourself rushing the preparation of […]

Hello Spring-Summer Festival Season!

Festival season is upon us! The warmer weather welcomes a whole host of fun outdoor events, and events require quality entertainment! From charity functions to fairs, outdoor concerts to food festivals, there’s something special on offer for everyone. And what better way to welcome guests to your special event than to elevate their experience with […]

Nothing says class quite like a string quartet

There’s something special and truly elegant about a wedding opened with a string quartet. Starting a ceremony with crisp, classical music (performed by well-practised experts) instantly creates a classy atmosphere amid your gathered friends and family.  In today’s article, we’ll explore the benefits of a beautiful string quartet, paying special attention to the ways in […]

The many faces of Erna Ferry

A good performer can sing a few songs well. A great performer can turn those songs into complete performances with costumes, characterisations and captivating charisma. Erna Ferry falls into the latter category. Truly a woman of many talents, Erna has a way with music and can capture the sound of a culture or era with […]