Book a band for your big day

Leave it to the entertainment experts 

Every reception has its lulls. Once the main event (the wedding) is over and the meal has been served, guests will often loiter about until activities, dances or speeches ensue. 

As a member of the wedding party, the pressure for entertainment ultimately falls upon your shoulders. Feeling the pressure? You shouldn’t have to! 

When you book a wedding band, you’re essentially shifting the pressure off your shoulders and onto a true professional. Each performer listed on our website has the ability to capture a room with ease. Our musical acts for weddings will transform the entire atmosphere at your event, bringing vibrancy and wholesome fun to your reception. You’ll be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the show while a talented professional (or band of professionals) captivates your crowd. Enjoy the show, it’s your night and you’ve earned a little respite! 

The best part: you’ll get all the kudos at the end of the show when your guests thank you for a good ol’ time. 

Serenaded down the aisle 

Picture this… 

You’re all dolled up and making your way down the aisle. You’ve passed on your song of choice to the appropriate person, and let them know when to play it, and how long to do so. It’s been rehearsed once or twice…now all they have to do is hit a button. 

As you appear at the far end of the aisle, a song comes on, ringing out over the speakers and filling the air with a melody. 

But it’s not your song. 

Maybe a friend or a venue staff member curses from somewhere behind the scenes and frantically flicks through tracks to find the one you’re meant to walk down the aisle to. Whatever the case, it’s a bit late now, and some people are starting to look around and laugh. 

Nobody deserves such an ordeal on their special day. Do yourself a favour and leave this special musical moment to a professional! 

Hiring musical entertainment for your wedding, and more specifically your walk down the aisle, is both a safe and very special option. Let a talented musician or singer serenade each step you take down the aisle. 

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