Christmas is around the corner: time to start planning!

Any seasoned party planner will tell you that it’s never too early start working on your Christmas party arrangements. December has a habit of creeping up on you. While the office ties up loads of loose ends during October and November, you’ll be rushed off your feet and might find yourself rushing the preparation of everyone’s favourite part of the year: the end of year office Christmas party! 

Honestly, this isn’t the sort of event that ought to be rushed. 

In today’s article, we’ll give you some expert tips for staying on top of your 2019 office Christmas party prep. 

Start now and save 

Prices tend to skyrocket around Christmas time. Put the word ‘Christmas’ in front of every party planning element and see those price tags increase before your very eyes. For now, October is usually far enough away from the festive season and is instead focussed mostly on spring weddings. If you start planning and putting together your Christmas-themed party now, you’ll usually find that entertainment, decorations, photographers and venues and the like will be more open to price negotiations and availability – having a Christmas gig secured after the wedding season is always a preference to being pestered at the last possible minute by a poorly-timed office party planner. 

Commit to a theme 

Themes might feel a little cheesy, but they actually help keep your party planning on track, and give your guests a definitive guide for dressing up and getting in the mood. General parties can be hard to plan for, and the possibilities for colour schemes are endless. Folks won’t know whether to dress up or down, and your elegant venue might clash with your rowdy rockstar talent. To tie your party elements together in a neat bow, we suggest committing to a theme. 

Themes might be centred around movie genres, time periods or cultures. The best themes create and sustain a cool atmosphere that elevates the energy in your party room. It doesn’t have to be fancy or extra-decorative, it just has to feel like there’s a unified and cohesive style to your party that everyone can be a part of. 

Folks can come in costume, decorations can be fun and atmospheric, and, best of all, your entertainment can really drive home the party theme in a fun, energetic way. 

If you’re planning a themed Christmas party in Wellington, we suggest starting with the talent. Our professional line up of live musicians will deliver a fabulous performance for your Christmas party guests. 

Take a look at our themed events right here.

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