Nothing says class quite like a string quartet

There’s something special and truly elegant about a wedding opened with a string quartet. Starting a ceremony with crisp, classical music (performed by well-practised experts) instantly creates a classy atmosphere amid your gathered friends and family. 

In today’s article, we’ll explore the benefits of a beautiful string quartet, paying special attention to the ways in which this arrangement might elevate a Wedding event. 

Classy crowd-control 

While it can be difficult to admit, sometimes crowds don’t behave as well as we’d like them to. People chatter, shift impatiently in their seats, muck about on mobile devices and let their little ones run rampant through the pews. Hearing all this shuffling can be stressful for a couple when the emotional tension is already quite high. To relax the room and evoke an atmosphere of peace and respectful attentiveness, a classical quartet will certainly achieve this mood. 

The sound of the sweetly-played strings will tell your audience that it is time to take their seats and keep conversations quiet while the wedding party prepares to make an entrance. The bridal entrance will be enhanced beautifully when serenaded by strings, and the beautiful music will continue in the interlude while rings are exchanged, papers are signed and the couple’s exciting newly-married exit is made. 

Music that goes with the flow 

If you’ve ever been part of a bridal party, you’ll know the awkwardness involved in keeping time to a strict track of music. If a bride and groom expect you to enter and travel across a room in time with a specific segment of a song, there’s a lot of room for things to go wrong. Anything can happen on a wedding day, so why risk missing a beat? 

Live performers are more than just music: they are part of the day and part of the moment. Sensing a need for faster or slower, louder or softer and more or less music, a talented string quartet will read a room and play to suit the needs of the wedding party. Live music is intuitive and flexible, making every musical minute matter, and leaving no room for awkward silences or unintentional drags in musical arrangements.

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