Planning a Burlesque Party in Wellington

Originating from an elaborate form of comedy theatre, Burlesque is a fun, feathery and highly satirical sort of performance. Perfect for parties where ice should be broken, toes should be tapping and raucous laughter should be shared by all. The vibrant colours, bougie costumes and elaborate sets associated with this art form have led to a recent resurgence in its popularity.

If you’re planning a Burlesque party for a hens night or stag do in Wellington, be sure to read this blog for some key tips and tricks. 

Burlesque Costumes

Here’s where things start to get fun, especially if you’re hosting an event for a hen’s night or a wild, ice-breaking work do. Encourage everyone to come in costume. Be it a simple feather boa or a neat, frilly corset, everyone will enjoy a chance to spice up their wardrobe and have fun with the theme. Just be sure to stipulate on your invitations how far you would prefer the dress code go in terms of raciness, because some guests might not show up if they feel too intimidated at the thought of showing too much skin! 

You could include pictures of outfit ideas on the invitations, and pepper phrases such as ‘feather boas are encouraged’ or ‘say it with sequins’ throughout to offer inspiration to your guests. 

Themed Beverages

A burlesque party would not be complete without a selection of delicious, witty cocktails. Create a cocktail menu with drinks such as the aptly-named Orange Striptease, Black Feather or the Pink Stripper. 

Burlesque Music

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Let’s face it, there’s a good chance that none of your colleagues and potentially nobody in your bridal party has enough burlesque experience t stir up a party and maintain a good time. Not to worry, because burlesque, at its heart, is all about performance, and boy do we have the performances for you! 

The Boom Boom Room Burlesque is a spectacular revue of titillating temptation and tease.

Starring Mr Lola Illusion and his bevy of Boom Boom Room beauties, this stylish retro tease with its camp humour and chic glamour is the perfect way to entertain with a nostalgic flair. There are a number of revues to choose from and each burlesque is jam-packed with surprises to entertain and delight.

You will thrill to the hip-shaking sensation that is Hollie Berry, sigh in wonder at Miss Veronica Doll, drink in the dangerous curves of Costa DeMillion and be charmed by Mr Lola Illusion and his hilarious antics. Tassels will twirl, lingerie will fall, and you will never be the same.

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