Planning the perfect Corporate Christmas Party in Wellington

My, how the year has flown! With decorations going up all over town and December mere days away, we imagine your office will be bustling with final projects and plan-making for the holidays. Have you been tasked with organising their Christmas party? Want to make it an especially fabulous end of year event they’ll never forget? 

For November and December’s series of articles, we’ve put together a professional guide to help you host the perfect Wellington corporate Christmas party for 2019! 

Choosing the perfect entertainment 

When it comes to Christmas events, we’ve already composed a festive collection of our favourite acts to have your staff letting off steam and swinging! Our favourite among these, however, would be the Swing Yourself a Merry Christmas performance by The Rodger Fox Big Band, featuring selected vocalists such as Lisa Tomlins, Grant Sullivan, Erna Ferry, Deanne Krieg, Andrea Sanders, Ray Woolf, and Moira Jones.

Christmas is universal and crosses many divides. Many of the Christmas ‘greats’ – Nat Cole, Andy Williams, Mariah Carey, Chicago, Boney M and Elvisa to name a few, have recorded their ‘Best of Christmas’ albums – now add to the list, The Rodger Fox Big Band with a selection of New Zealand’s top vocalists.

This show is available to corporate, community groups and city councils who want to present a fully rehearsed Christmas. Other than the selected vocalists who appear with the show we are able to incorporate some local artists into the show’s mix.

Choosing the perfect venue 

A spacious stage 

Give your guests somewhere to gather when the music swings, and somewhere to hold their attention when the evening calls for announcements and awards. A decent stage does wonders for any event, offering your live entertainment a place to set up for some swinging live music, while allowing ample room for your colleges to step up and present end of year speeches and awards. 

Your stage will also dictate the size and sort of entertainment you’ll be able to provide at your Wellington corporate Christmas party. Here at Fiesta entertainment, we can provide you with all sorts of superb live musical entertainment, ranging from intimate solo artist performances to exciting big band bonanzas! 

Room to groove (or not to groove)

The best sort of venue provides spaces for both extroverted and introverted guests: the partiers and the more reserved conversationalists. There’s a good chance that your colleagues will need to duck away for quieter moments to talk, get a spot of fresh air or simply take a break from the noisier areas of the action-packed evening. On the other end of the partygoing spectrum, you’ll have the lively types who want to partner up and hit the dancefloor. These sorts require plenty of floor space between the tables to twist and shout the evening away. Ensure you select a venue with plenty of room to cater to both sorts of partygoers. 

Kitchens for great catering

If you’re expecting a busy event featuring a catered meal, be sure your venue can either provide or comfortably host a catering service. A spacious kitchen and bar are ideal, and you’ll want to make sure your catering team and venue representative are communicating with each other to ensure your special event won’t have any food or drink related hiccups. 

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