Send the decade off with a bang! Book wellington talent for your NYE party

It’s time to send the decade off with a bang. Everyone knows that the best way to finish a year of hard work is with a fun, fantastic party. If you want to properly treat your team to a special, unforgettable evening and guarantee a good time, the best move for your party would be booking live entertainment.

Why book live music?

Nothing electrifies and entertains a room quite like a live performance, and our Wellington musicians are expert crowd-pleasers. There’s never a dull moment at a party when someone talented is on a stage singing the night away – even if there isn’t any dancing happening, the music will successfully fill silences and serenade conversations. There’s always a buzz when music is involved, so you won’t have to worry about folks leaving early or relying too heavily on drink to get them through an otherwise dull evening.

Make an impressive impression!

If you want to make a big impression, you need to book a big band. If prizes are to be awarded, speeches are to be given and important guests are to be impressed, a big band shows that you mean business. The Roger Fox Big Band is one such act we would highly recommend booking for your New Year’s Eve event, be it corporate or commercial. The Roger Fox Big Band show has appeared at the Napier City Sound Shell New Year’s Eve event, The Palmerston North City Council New Year’s Eve event, The Wellington City New Year’s Eve event and is available for all corporate, community, council and festival events.

Want to send things off with a different sort of bang? 

Nothing riles up a room quite like a sparkling, feathery burlesque. The Lola Show is our number one recommendation for a raucous New Year’s Eve party that’ll have everyone laughing and dancing out of their chairs. A nostalgic sideshow of mirth, musical mayhem and mystery, this specialty burlesque stars Mr Lola Illusion – the glamourous boylesque crooner, cunning conjurer and professional show-off. Let him entertain you with feats of awe-inspiring wonder.

He will charm you with his smile and bewitch you with the suggestive twinkle in his eye and when he sashays into your life you will never be the same. The Lola Show is high camp, high glamour and low brow laughs. Something for everyone. Bring your mother, invite your lover – heck – tell the vicar! it’s wicked irreverent madness.

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