The many faces of Erna Ferry

A good performer can sing a few songs well. A great performer can turn those songs into complete performances with costumes, characterisations and captivating charisma. Erna Ferry falls into the latter category. Truly a woman of many talents, Erna has a way with music and can capture the sound of a culture or era with her truly outstanding vocals. 

In today’s article, we’ll angle our star-power spotlight on some of Erna’s most popular singing performances so you can decide which one would best suit your special event. 


Peggy Lee – The Woman and her Music

Erna is known both nationally and internationally for her sultry jazzy vocals. In her Things Are Swingin’ performance, Erna gives a warm and intimate evening celebrating the life and music of legendary vocalist, Peggy Lee. 

Accompanied by musical director Rodger Fox, Erna’s Things Are Swingin’ performance showcases Peggy Lee classics such as “Why Don’t You Do Right”, Ït’s aA Good Day” and “Fever”. 


Perfect for a themed evening (think Great Gatsby, flapper dresses, feathers and Art Deco), Erna’s Art Deco Celebration is an entertainment experience not to be missed. 

With her colourful selection of tunes from the ’20s and ‘30s and a selection of fun and fantasmagorical props, Erna will have any audience captivated and thoroughly entertained. If you’re planning a costume party for a 20’s or 30’s themed event, Erna’s Art Deco Celebration is truly the very best way to create and maintain that fun, glittering gold atmosphere that even Gatsby himself would toast to. 


In a French cafe meets Bastille Day Celebration

Treat your guests to a fun and fantastical French evening complete with French fare, wine and the wonderful vocal stylings of Erna. In her French Night performance, Erna delivers a delightful collection of French and French-themed classic hits by artists such as Edith Piaf, Eartha Kitt, Charles Aznavour and Melody Gardot. Always one to respect an aesthetic, Erna will come dressed for the occasion in a charming French ensemble, bringing with her a selection of French props such as flag s to help decorate and delight your audience. 

For a Cabaret audience singalong or a Bastille Night, Erna’s French Night performance is a perfect fit and a must-book.

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