Two ways live music could save your wedding day

In case of an emergency 

Drama in any amount is practically guaranteed at a wedding. Be it a late bride, a wardrobe malfunction mere moments before the walk down the aisle, an unexpected interlude between vows and sermons or all of the above, live performers have got you covered. Literally. Chaos can ensue, but while a romantic string quartet is serenading the room with sweet songs, your audience will be blissfully oblivious to the drama. 

You simply cannot compare live music down the aisle to music played over a speaker system. With songs played over speakers, you’ll have a set amount of time to get down the aisle and finish at a certain spot. Bridesmaids will need to walk in time to the beat and chaos could ensue at the slightest misstep. 

Live performers, on the other hand, can skillfully elongate or shorten a piece of music as required. They can slow or speed up the tempo, and increase or decrease their volume depending on the acoustics in your chosen venue. It’s honestly the most ideal way to get anywhere on a wedding day – to the tune of performers who are intuned with you! 

Music sets the mood (and saves the mood, too!)

Let’s face it, no matter how fabulously eventful and high-energy you hope your reception will be, there’s always a ‘lull’ moment (usually after everyone’s finished their last course) where your guests will start to slump in their chairs and quieten their conversations. For people who have spent hours travelling to witness your wedding, it’s completely understandable that their tiredness will catch up on them at some point. You can spend time developing a playlist that builds in energy as the evening drags on, but ambient background music doesn’t lift a mood quite as effectively as a live performance. 

Live acts literally lighten a mood. A seasoned performer can look around a room and instinctively tell what sort of song they need to play or sing next to spark everyone’s interest and maintain everyone’s energy. Leave it to one of the talented performers in Fiesta’s catalogue to pick a number that’ll stop the yawning and start the dancing at your Wellington wedding reception!

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