Treat the team to some Wellington musical entertainment

There’s a lot to be said for live music at a corporate event. If you plan to book a band for your next company shindig, you’ll be investing in a good time for all. There are plenty of things to appreciate about having musical entertainment to compliment your corporate function. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at a few of our favourite reasons why a live performance will benefit you and your business. 

The show that shows you care 

Your employees have worked hard to keep the cogs of your company turning. If an event is to be planned for them, let it be one that they look forward to and cherish – one that gets praised about the office for weeks thereafter! 

Sure, plugging a mobile device into an auxiliary cable and playing a generic playlist fills the silence. A live band for corporate events, however, fills the room with energy and atmosphere as well as music. 

By enabling your employees to experience such a fun, lively atmosphere, you’ll show that you care about giving them the best possible evening. One that won’t be a chore to sit through, but would instead have everyone captivated, tapping their feet to fun, familiar tunes. 

Break the ice

The two most common corporate events that your company might host are Christmas parties and award nights. Coincidently, both events usually extend an invitation to friends, family members and the partners of your employees, meaning you’ll have a room filled with unfamiliar faces. While everyone stumbles through their small talk, you can offer a mercifully fun distraction in the form of live entertainment. 

Select corporate musical entertainment that ignites the room and lifts the mood. You could opt for a lively band with plenty of energy and lots of catchy tunes to boot, or perhaps a themed entertainer to compliment your themed event. Themed events are especially helpful for ice breaking, as costumes and complimentary entertainment encourage conversation and provide fun ice breakers for your guests. 

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